Bright Beak's Place

(or at least her little spot in the colony)

So, Let's start w/ the weather! always a popular conversation item!
The WeatherPixie
Then, since we all need a little something in our day, how about a daily motivational blurb. (updated monday thru saturday inclusive)


OK! So for now, all I have up are:

1 - a poem I wrote when i was almost 18, entitled "Growth"

2 - ok - retired the Blog - I never updated it! Now I have a LiveJournal! I actually update this one! :)

3 - my first posted ENT fic :) Seulement 1: Dans Mes Rêves! don't worry, it IS in English!

4 - buttons, i got BUTTONS! i got lots & lots of buttons!!
  various quiz buttons
  various trek quiz buttons
  various software buttons COMING SOON!

5 - and of course you can email me at or with comments

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