I looked in a mirror
    all i saw was
who was i?
what was i?
why was i?
    again i looked
    again i saw
    nothing there
    no happiness
    no love.
All was a front
    a mask
        a shield.
Outside me was a
    caution was
        my friend
        - or was it
            my enemy?

Sometime later
    i looked in a mirror
        and then i saw
            less sadness
            less pain
            less fear
        where were they going?
        were they all leaving?
        or were they hiding?

        i looked again
            they were leaving
            for where were they going?
    they were leaving me.

    what is left?
    what shall i do?

    there is no sadness
    there is no pain
    there is no fear
        i have no masks
    now i am alone
    I am my shelter
  I have no need for a shield
I am free of my mask.

I am okay.


©1984 author

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